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The property industry through the eyes of a marketer:

Pasqualino Salvatore Fiore (Paddy)   Pasqualino Salvatore Fiore (Paddy)
Sales and Marketing Manager | Blue Hill Condo Patong

Over the last few years the property business in Phuket has become big business. Small and large developers alike have arrived on mass lured by the opportunity to acquire land, develop property and make money. New developments thus abound everywhere and the market in general has become more complex and less obvious in direction.

With this in mind welcomed the chance to have a brief chat with ‘Paddy’ who has been living in Asia for almost 10 years and has worked for commercial real estate throughout the region.

Following below is Paddy’s thoughts, insights and outlook for this rapidly advancing market:

On the industry situation in general Paddy informed us he believed:

“The market is growing everyday. You can see that the Asian common market is growing larger and larger. So I think it represents a great opportunity for people to invest here.”

When we asked Paddy to advise us of any significant changes he has seen in the market during his 10 years in the industry Paddy stated:

“One is that the price has gone up. However, I still believe Phuket will have many years to prosper in the market. Why? If you read the applicable press, you will know that in 8 years the capacity of Phuket will increase by 77% which means in the next 8-10 years, you are going to see Phuket change like never before; with more overseas investors looking at buildings, villas, condos, luxury hotels, restaurants, bars, golf courses, fun parks and with this comes entertainment and a little more overseas influence”.

Pasqualino Salvatore Fiore (Paddy)


“I have talked to some customers who bought
property on the island in the past and got a great return on their investment. There are not too many places in the world that give you the opportunity to buy something today and get a great return tomorrow. That’s why I believe Blue Hill Condo Patong is an important consideration for future investment and a perfect location for living here in the heart of Patong.” said Paddy.

However Paddy opines;
“Residentially it is not easy to buy here in Thailand for foreigners because of the property law. Most foreigners will therefore be more comfortable investing in a condominium as the Condominium Act provides for foreign ownership - freehold and is a lot stronger than other residential options.” he explains.

What about
Phuket’s condominium market?
“There is a lot of competition for the size of the island. But whilst it is competitive I don’t think it is over burdened if you look at how quickly condos are sold here in
Phuket.” he states before adding “As a lot of condos have been sold here already and the growth is still here.”

And why do you think people should purchase in Patong?
Phuket is growing. I don’t know what anyone else would say but in my opinion ‘the heart of Phuket is Patong.’ If people come for a holiday for the first time, a high percentage will stay in Patong first. No matter what we have on the island, no matter where they stay on the island, they will always come to visit Patong for the shopping, great restaurants, beauty care and much more. But most of all they will come here to visit the exotic bars and the night life that you can not get anywhere else in Phuket.”

“Patong will always be the hot spot for
Phuket. That’s why Blue Hill Condo Patong was built in its location. It offers the market a luxury 7 story condominium with all the comforts of home, security, and services.”

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