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Owner of Boutique Golf Villa

คุณคริส เต็งอำนวย   Kris Tengamnuay
Owner of Boutique Golf Villa

Phuket property is now on the right track.
Some people know what they really like; some like what they do; but few know and do what they really like. In Kris Tengamnuay owner of Boutique Golf Villa we found one of the few people that fits this desired for criteria. A person who combines his knowledge and passion for golf with design and construction. We were delighted therefore to get the opportunity to speak with Khun Kris.

Kris Tengamnuay graduated from Chulalongkorn University with a degree in Engineering before continuing on with a Masters degree in the USA in the same discipline. To say Kris has been ‘bitten by the golf bug’ is an understatement. He is an aficionado. Residing in Phuket for the last 10 years Kris advices us

“At the very beginning of my first steps in Phuket, I aimed to build my own house. But with a bit of chance and luck, I thought I can not only build my own home but create a business as well.”

With this in mind decided to ask Kris to expand on his thoughts and experiences of Phuket :

On Phuket Property:
At the moment Kris mentioned that he thought ‘Phuket property is now on the right track. Sometimes it may struggle due to the world economy and the changing crisis. But it still represents a beneficial investment. Lots of properties in Phuket appear to be in a ‘rat race’ to possess a good location such as sea view, near the beaches, or up high in the hills, and so there are many alternatives. Which is good, as there is no doubt that our genuine target customers really do like nothing to block their view’. Hence Kris offers an option of absolute golf frontage with nothing ever able to block the view of the fairways.

On the world recession and global economic crisis;
Kris advised; ‘developers must carefully merge the construction and sales process, along together with the company’s cash flow. However, if demand is high, of course developers can then aggressively push forward their constructions’.

On the key points to a successful development:
Kris believes ‘Quality is the first priority. Developers must pay most attention and energies to every function of building each unit. Developers have to think for their customers; where do they park their car; how far is the refrigerator from the front door; where is the storage room located; as well as much more in order to differentiate from the competition. You must also give customers a good quality of product and function, pay attention to every detail, and offer it at reasonable price’.

And on how Phuket has changed:
Kris opines ‘In the last 5 years, Phuket has changed in lots of ways, especially in term of conveniences. Particularly as you can get to ‘town’ from almost anywhere on the island far more easily these days’.

On Law & Phuket Property:
Kris states ‘It would be great if the government could change some property laws to assist foreigners. For as everyone knows, the majority of income for this island is generated from the tourism industry. Moreover if the government can help in this regard and remain stable, Phuket will run smoothly and make more profit. Our genuine target market will not be interrupted and as visitors will return once again’. very thanks Kris for his point of views and hopes wishes him all the best in his sales of Boutique Golf Villa.

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