The Dalaaburi Project and Phuket Property with Chayika Wongnapachant.Deputy Managing Director, Shinawatra Home

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The Dalaaburi Project and Phuket Property with Chayika Wongnapachant.

Chayika Wongnapachant   Chayika Wongnapachant
Deputy Managing Director, Shinawatra Home

The Dalaaburi is the first residential-commercial project by Shin Home and is a luxury development on an area of 13 rai in Phuket Town. The president of Shin Home is Yowvares Shinawatra, but its deputy, with specific responsibility for the venture, is Chayika Wongnapachant with whom spent a day discussing the project and her views on the future of the industry in Phuket Khun Satien’s first project in Phuket – ‘Kamala Regent’ offers 6 unit villas (sold out) and 79 condominium units in four 6-storey buildings. On his entrance into the condominium market Khun Satien tells us.

Dalaaburi's selling point

Besides a design concept that focuses on function and multi-propose, Khun Chayika revealed that Dalaaburi is proud of its “outdoor living area that allows the residents to appreciate more the beauty of the surroundings and, like the bedrooms and dining room, it is also designed to maximize the view. Another selling feature is the fact that access is strictly private and there will be only 23 homes on 13 rai giving plenty of space; it is not a high density or large estate”

Dealing with current economic downturn

“We have had to slow down and reevaluate our operation in the present difficult climate in order to find the best working solution that can minimize the cost and maximize the output.” continued Khun Chayika. “We cannot wait for a change in government policy in the hope it will help us; we have to take action unilaterally right now, and this is what we have done”.

Phuket property in next five years

“I foresee higher competition in the Phuket property market in the coming years. Formerly, developers played with design and trend. You may know that famous architects from around the world were invited to Phuket and got involved in many projects here. So when you go through the listings what do you see? Minimalism? A trendy design? Sure, but there is no distinguishing feature amongst them when they all follow the same fashion. Those trends may well continue, but the industry is being pushed toward what is called 'integrated property', that is, able to cover every aspect of people's lifestyle. It is an 'all in one solution'.”

“Now, you are not just selling the house anymore. Major developers are leaning towards a 'mixed-use estate' where all facilities are available on the doorstep. For example, a marina, hotel, restaurants, schools, perhaps a golf course, maybe even a convention center. In Dubai, where there is a great deal of construction, developers are integrating with shopping malls and hotels etc. In many cases it is the hotels themselves that have supplanted the developers and this concept gives a level of hospitality and service, apart from one or two exceptions, hitherto unexplored in Phuket. I foresee that this concept may well be the future.

“The small developers will have to face a huge amount of competition from such models and it will be harder to survive, but cooperation will be the solution.” thanks to Khun Chayika and wishes her all the best for her first project.

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