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Zen Space : The Art of Living

“Do you know how to let the
mountain stream cleanse your mind?
Every thought is pulled out along the smooth,
polished stones, disappearing
downstream in the frothy current.
The mind keeps on making more thoughts
until it sees that they are
all being carried away downstream;
until it realizes that they
are all vanishing,
dissolving into an unseen point.”
-Zen Quote-

Zen Space

Zen said that Nature has a perfect sense of composition, a naturalness that always seems to reflect a perfect order. The aim here is to cause no division between the viewer and what they are seeing; between the seer and the seen. Here the artist bows out, and one is left with the experience invoked from within.

Follow the Zen teaching and enter into the design concept of our Zen Space residential condominium. We have focused on transferring a sense of simplicity into your home, by incorporated the use of calming tones and clean lines into our design and, by using fewer elements the space becomes simple allowing rooms to produce an energy that is becoming and welcoming, a design that truly reflects meditation.

Our project is located within Kamala Village where it has its own sense of history with the ever present and well-known native Phuket residents. We know it’s not just the home that you live in, but it’s the nature that you choose to surround you. Therefore Zen Space gives you a sense of inner calm and harmony with your surroundings to enhance your life and give a true sense of well-being.

Zen Space Zen Space
Zen Space Zen Space

“…allowing rooms to produce an energy that is becoming and welcoming, a design that truly reflects meditation”

Zen Space: The Art of Living
Phuket Sales Office: 45/11 Moo 4. Kamala, Kathu Phuket 83120
Tel/Fax: +66 (0) 76 279 225
Mobile: +66 (0) 83 708 8008

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