Knowing Erawana Group, Phuket Thailand

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Knowing Erawana Group

Erawana's Corporate Profile
Erawana was formally established in 2005 by Mr. Piya Sosothikul, who had been involved with developing residential projects in Phuket since 2003. With nearly 30 employees, the company is now under the management of Mr. Jon Vanasin who is one of their company’s directors.

For years, Erawana Co., Ltd. has developed over 10 residential projects comprising more than 120 villas in Phuket. Their strong belief in the Thai tourism industry in general and in the Phuket real estate market in particular has led them to invest solely here, where they think the current property sector is only the tip of the iceberg.

Erawana Group

Their every projects were built on the only philosophy; “Practical Living", which incorporates the key factors of location, design and value-for-money. They believe, in doing this has enabled Erawana to become one of the few medium-size developers that have been able to develop a strong track-record over a challenging period after the tsunami disaster in 2004. As well as their today's success supported by the customers, whom have given them a tremendous vote of confidence.

Erawana Group

By coming 2010, Erawana is expected to achieve accumulated revenues of over THB 1 billion from the sales of both homes and condominium units to both foreign and local buyers. In the beginning Erawana targeted Thai buyers with project pricing THB 1-3 million. In addition to its over years effort of expansion in product mix to include more mid-market homes in THB 15-20 million range.

The Beach Front Villa

For this 2009, Erawana will launch its first condominium project in the Layan area, SORA, which will offer units starting from under THB 5 million.

Looking forward, Erawana will develop more condominiums in line with current market trends and also expects to launch one to two quality hotel properties with “no-frills” in the near future. Depending on the recovery of the Thai economy and the duration of the global financial crisis, Erawana also has plans to the list on local stock exchange.


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