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Natthakanya Saengpho Chief Executive Officer Paradise Group

Natthakanya Saengpho Natthakanya Saengpho (Apple)
Chief Executive Officer Paradise Group

When talking about Phuket property’s booming business, we can see that many property developers have come to take a ‘slice of the cake’, some however like the ‘Paradise Group’ have managed to take quite a bit more!

One person behind that high profile achievement is Khun Apple, CEO [Chief Executive Officer] of Paradise Group. met up with her for an informal chat and learned the following;

On her beginning’s with the Paradise Group.

on that day we had a chat about a villa project at Leam Singh Beach. Since then we have fully committed ourselves to the property development business: The Plaza Surin has ‘kicked off’, as has Silk Restaurant & Bar and Andara Resort Residence. Whilst the future will see some more expansion.”

On the specialist businesses of the company.

Khun Apple is responsible for overseeing companies in the group and their areas of special expertise; there are land lease companies, developer companies, property management companies, property consultant, architectural and interior designs company, restaurant and bar, boat… etc.

On working principals, Khun Apple believes it is important that you are;

“Honest, sincere, and someone who knows their organisation’s facts and objectives. Always prepared with a plan to achieve personal and professional goals and a follower of moral and business ethics.”

Natthakanya Saengpho

On problem solving, Khun Apple states you need;

“To face the problem when it arrives; be calm and thoughtful and pay attention to detail. Do not overlook or ignore a small problem as it can become bigger and harm the entire process if you do.” Showing a sense of humour she states “By the way, you also have to know what you are doing!” Before continuing
“It helps if you know where and how to start. You have to take action right away, do not ignore the problem or put it off since it will only get worse and likely ensure work flow becomes completely stuck.”

On getting along with staff, Khun Apple observes;

“I treat them with sincerity, care and respect. Teamwork is very important as well, we always share and communicate. If there are any mistakes or problems, I’ll advice and help look in to them. I tell them not to be afraid of problems - when they are trying to work out a solution, there is always a way.”

“At this moment, our team has become much bigger. We started with only a few at the beginning, yet time has passed and we have almost 200 people now. All of whom are welcome to call me anytime if they require advice or help.”

On taking care of herself     

“Normally, on my day off or when I have free time, I like to stay at home. But I do go out sometimes with people who I trust to enjoy myself. I am kind of easy going and enjoy good food and nice places. I also like to ask my team if they want to have an ‘outing’ or to hang out’’ and have some drinks as part of team building”.   

Natthakanya Saengpho

On her way of life

Matters of Fact, Straightforward, believe and honest to yourself and I also believe in Cycle of Cause and Effect.

On things she would like to do in the future

“Nothing in particular, but whatever I do, I will do it as best I can”

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