Founders of Phuket International Dental Centre

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Founders of Phuket International Dental Centre

Dr. Panachai (Chaiwat) Karnkorkul & Dr. Wethanee (Worranuch) Karnkorkul Dr. Panachai (Chaiwat) Karnkorkul & Dr. Wethanee (Worranuch) Karnkorkul
Founders of Phuket International Dental Centre

In addition to becoming one of the world’s leading destinations for medical tourism, Thailand is fast becoming a leader in dental tourism with Phuket at the forefront of the development. Phuket International Dental Centre under the stewardship of Dr. Panachai Karnkorkul (prosthodontist) is a leading clinic of which on the Island.

According to the American Dental Association definitions of recognised dental specialities; prosthodontics is

“the dental specialty pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance of the oral function, comfort, appearance and health of patients with clinical conditions associated with missing or deficient teeth and/or oral and maxillofacial tissues using biocompatible substitutes”

A bit complicated? took the chance to meet up with Dr. Panachai for a casual chat at his lovely home and see if we could what he does a bit simpler.

On his beginnings with Phuket International Dental Centre;

“I am actually a native of Petchaboon province in Northern Thailand. But I have been living in Phuket since 1985. It was then my wife Dr. Wethanee (Worranuch) Karnkorkul and I established our first ‘Dental Care Clinic’ followed by our Advanced Dental Centre - ‘Dent Central Clinic’. Earlier this year, we opened our latest; ‘Phuket International Dental Centre’ at Phuket International Hospital.”

Dr. Panachai (Chaiwat) Karnkorkul & Dr. Wethanee (Worranuch) Karnkorkul

On his role in the clinic;

“I am a prosthodontist who graduated from Mahidol University. At present I am also Managing Director for the Phuket International Dental Centre. Here I aim to pioneer new dental innovations for my patients, and erase the apprehensions some patients’ may feel when visiting a dentist centre or when undergoing dental treatment.”

On his working principles;

“Since 1985 (when we set up Dental Care Clinic) we have kept to a concept of ‘painless procedure and high quality work’ which we ensure from our ability and excellent equipment. Additionally, in order to help people overcome their fears of visiting a dentist, we have payed great attention to decorating our office; emphasising a friendly and home-like environment in order to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. This is something we developed in our three subsequent dental branches.”

On problem solving;  

“I never think that I face immense obstacles in my life, the problems I face are common to all businesses. It’s just differing job aspects which need to be dealt with in different circumstances; and that’s where my experience comes in.”

Wood work! ---- Oriental pleasure

On staff relationships;

“I treat our dental staff with both sincerity and respect. We have to trust their abilities, and motivate and support them in order that they can achieve their best. We hope in this way they will remain loyal to us. For their part they need to keep up with our concepts of building strong teamwork and providing high quality, punctual service.”


On a motto for life;

“I remind myself and my three children to remain; diligent, honest, responsible, and loving of their family.”

On the future;

“I have numerous things I would like to do if I retire. I am a collector and like to collect rare trees, pearl furniture and wood carvings – especially those of elephants. Previously I collected old cars but maintaining them can become tiring. I also like to play golf and will play as long as my age allows. On retirement, I’d like to take a long drive with my wife through all the provinces of Thailand. But it is my dream to see Phuket as a major world dental destination and I would like to set up a Dental Hospital. Ultimately I would like the hospital ‘to become a world leader in dentistry’.”

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