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Web Design with Paradorn Promkird

Paradorn Promkird   Paradorn Promkird

In this issue’s I.T. talk, Phuketindex.com speaks with experienced web designer, Paradorn Promkird. Paradorn is the recently promoted head graphic designer for ‘Guide Vision Company Limited’ who has over 3 years experience in the industry. Phuketindex.com hopes his thoughts can be of help to our readers as he is now spearheading many of our own new project publications.

Paradorn please tell us what interests you about computers and IT?

When I was younger computers were a very new development for Thai children. Most of us did not know much about them. I knew however that computers' represented the future and would be an essential skill if I wanted to be successful in life. So when I was faced with the various choices of what to study in school, I opted to study Computer Science.

Paradorn please tell us about your views on website technology?

Websites are used to promote nearly every business. If a business owner wants to create consumer awareness, then a website is an excellent solution. Websites can easily promote information around the world and are not limited to local boundaries in the way that radio and television broadcasts are. Such broadcasts are also frequently constrained to limited audiences and for only the short period of the advert – website have no such constraints.

What for you is the most important part of the process?

For me it is the information and content. If we do not receive good information then we have to work much harder. It is a bit like cooking: if you have a lot of ingredients, then it’s possible to create more dishes. The same applies with website design. Gathering all the information therefore is the first step. We need to know every detail; from the business characteristics, to target market, to customer preference. If all this available then the ensuing steps will be easier.

Paradorn Promkird

Is there a set working model?

No. For me, every project is equally important - but usually different. It is important therefore to be objectively selective for it does not follow that if something works on one project it will necessarily work on another. For customers who know what they want, this is not a problem, but some are not familiar with the technology, and it is then that we have to make a decision and choose the best option for them.

Please explain the difference between web design and graphic design?

Whether you are creating something for the web or for a magazine each requires a design component - it’s just the parameters that are different. A website has some limitations whereas for a publication its ‘space’ allows us to play a bit further. For each, however, customer appeal is the key.

What makes a good website?

It is not enough to simply launch an interesting website on the internet. You need to think about its target market. So you need to work also on its content, coding, and linkage. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital as without this your website won’t be recognised by search engines and therefore will only receive limited traffic. Through doing this we aim to create a website with effective and efficient communication.

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