Ben Hobbs is the Managing Director of H3 Digital

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Ben Hobbs is the Managing Director of H3 Digital

Mr. Ben Hobbs   Mr. Ben Hobbs

Ben Hobbs is the Managing Director of H3 Digital, a Phuket based smart home company specializing in home automation, lighting control, multi room audio and home cinema systems. Ben has been specifying exclusive smart home systems into luxury properties throughout Thailand since 2004, the goal: to improve quality of living, enjoyment and net-worth of high end properties.

H3 Digital was started by a family team with a passionate interest in home technology, they decided to move to Phuket in early 2001 after years of visiting Thailand regularly on vacation.  Whilst building their home in Surin it quickly became obvious that the local companies offered little in the way of expertise in home technology and often at vastly over-inflated prices. Coming from highly technical backgrounds in the UK and Hong Kong (their cumulative experience spans over 50 years within the IT industry) it wasn’t long before they were approached by others who were building property in Phuket to apply their expertise to their homes.

Mr. Ben Hobbs

It is evident that employees at H3 Digital take pleasure in their work and for Ben this is one of the most important aspects of the company. He explains that without this keen interest in technology throughout the company, it would be impossible to offer the impressive service level that H3 Digital maintains and is often lauded for.  It is obvious from speaking to Ben that reputation is one of the most important factors contributing to their success. H3 Digital go above and beyond the normal expectations to deliver support to their customers, Ben recounts with a smile the phone calls he had on the morning of Christmas Day and New Years Eve at 20 minutes to midnight.  It’s all part of the service for Ben who admits to living and breathing technology, when he’s not working he spends hours tinkering away in his home cinema, automating his home or investigating the latest technologies.

Mr. Ben Hobbs

H3 Digital only work with technology which is of an open nature, or that offers unlimited upgrades via free firmware updates.  This is the only way that you are guaranteed a future proof home and not left at the whim of proprietary manufacturers changing their product lines, pricing or level of support.  As an example, H3 Digital work with a Smart Home system from Gira called KNX, It is the world’s most popular Smart Home system and the only system to comply with ISO 14543 – The International standard for home automation.  Importantly the system is open, allowing any company to manufacture products that must all work together and be engineered and tested to ISO:9001. 


When asked what differentiates H3 Digital from the competition Ben replies “Exclusivity and expert technical knowledge”, when asked to explain further he clarifies by telling us that H3 Digital are the only KNX certified Smart Home company in Thailand who can design, install and support a Smart Home system that complies to ISO 14543. It also gives him the opportunity to talk about some of the exciting whole home audio solutions that they exclusively represent within Thailand. Sonos is the wireless sound system the New York Times described as “Pure Heaven”, Nuvo were the original pioneer of multi room audio, introducing the first distributed music system nearly 20 years ago and now leading the way in eco-friendly, iPod compatible audio.

Mr. Ben Hobbs

Going forward it looks like busy times for H3 Digital as more luxury real estate developments turn to the team to specify smart home technology into their projects. Ben expects the company to continue to grow, personally he sees a large part of their future becoming more involved in eco-friendly smart home systems, designed to save significant energy costs, something that he believes is a win-win situation for all involved.

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