Khun Sawai Sombat General Manager of La Flora Resort Patong

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Khun Sawai Sombat General Manager of La Flora Resort Patong

Khun Sawai Sombat   Khun Sawai Sombat
General Manager of La Flora Resort Patong

On a sunny day in September, staff took a half hour drive north to Patong Beach. It was a little bit difficult getting there since we set off during rush hour but we were lucky enough to get there in time and luckier still to find a parking spot just in front of our destination! See how lucky we are! Getting out of our tiny red Japanese car we set out to find our interviewee for GM Talk this issue:

Khun Sawai came to
Phuket 20 years ago as a Front Office Manager for the Holiday Inn, before moving to Tavorn Palm Beach as Resident Manager. All told Khun Sombat has been working in and around the island’s hotel industry for over 30 years. So we thought we would ask him a few questions about it!

What do you think is the most distinguishing feature of your hotel?
“La Flora is modern unique style and it is the only luxury boutique
resort with pool villas on Patong Beach.”

La Flora Resort Patong

Who are your customers and why do they choose La Flora Patong?
“Our customers come mostly from Europe, Japan and Korea. Our resort is suitable for those who are young and single; those who want an amazing honeymoon or romantic getaway; and those families with teenagers who prefer an exciting stay by the beach. They choose La Flora Patong because of its prime location where they can experience Patong’s excitement yet also be within steps of the beach.”

Most hotels recognise the need to be guest orientated. How does La Flora Patong go about undertaking this?
“Our mission is for excellence in terms of product, service, and people. Our hotel staff all undergo extensive training to ensure the hotel’s rigorous standards are met. Our team’s strategy is to endeavour, innovate, and dedicate.”

As Manager of the
hotel, what worries you the most?
“To be honest, any incident that leads to guest’s dissatisfaction is what I worry about the most. I value all our guests as they trust and choose us, so I aim to please them as much as I can.”

What’s your definition of ‘success’?

“Success for me is being creative, being dedicated, and being different from others. This can not be achieved by one person alone, you need to work as a team. Working above people's expectation is also essential. Similarly, remaining constantly aware of the latest customer trends, whilst working in partnership with your colleagues rather than in competition with them, is also an important element in achieving success.”

Any other interesting titbits you want to share with our readers?

“Life as we know flies by. Everyone is busy and often we forget what life is about. Sometimes you need to leave everything behind and take time to reassess, reflect and unwind in order to release yourself form the stresses of everyday life. To this effect we invite you to come to La Flora Patong and experience the true meaning of relaxation.” thanks Khun Sawai Sombat for his time.

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