Mr. Christoph Berger, Laguna Beach Resort’s GM

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Mr. Christoph Berger, Laguna Beach Resort’s GM

Mr. Christoph Berger, Laguna Beach Resort’s GM   Mr. Christoph Berger

Laguna Beach Resort Phuket is part of the Asia’s greatest integrated resort; Laguna Phuket, at the beginning of this year received an ASEAN Green Hotel Award, which was presented by Dr. Suvit Yodmani, Minister of Tourism and Sports and Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, Secretary-General of ASEAN. The hotel’s General Manager Mr. Christoph Berger once again is on the focus.

Christoph is originally from Germany; his first step on his hotel road began after graduated from high school, entered the school of hotel management. Thus, he decided to jump into hospitalities industry and has been working since 1991.

Christoph started his career with Steigenberger Hotels in Germany and throughout his many years in the industry he worked for well-known five star Leading Hotels such as The Savoy in London, Hotel Zurich in Switzerland, Hotel Bristol Kempinski in Berlin, Hilton Dubai, The Sukhothai Hotel in Bangkok and Al Bustan Rotana Hotel in Dubai.

He had been working here before as Executive Assistant Manager, so what brought him back to Phuket again?
‘Job and family’ said Mr. Christoph who has such a cute family with lovely child.

Mr. Christoph Berger, Laguna Beach Resort’s GM

Since 1991, it is almost 17 years in the industry, what’s interesting? ‘
Working in hotel is challenging, there are changes every day, imagine when you wake up in the morning and differences and problems waiting for you.’

Talking about Laguna Beach Resort, what is your strength to compete with others? ‘Laguna Beach Resort is superb in Location; we are embraced by striking beach and stunning lagoon, this will give our guests a 360° feeling of scenic paradise, it’s a perfect combination. Also with our facilities provided, we have fabulous water park, kids' club, tennis court, world-class spa etc. for people at all ages to enjoy, we are able to support even large family’ explains GM.


Since, the resort is positioning as 5-star, who is your main market then?
European, Russian, Korean, Aussie, Hong Kong Chinese and Japanese but we apt to focus on family market the most’ more details gives.

Is there any new development recently?
‘Not for us now, but we are going to have chain hotel and resort established in Japan, Korea and Singapore.’

We all know that his work is not dealing only with guests, strategy, figures but your employees also. Therefore, how he treat his staff?
‘I treat my staff with respect and looking them very well, that’s all’ cool and straight to the point answering GM.

Most in his life he has to travel around to work in many different cultures, with different people, adjustment and adaptation is essential, what does he think about this?
‘For me, I use common sense, just know people, know the place’ replies Mr. Christoph who has been appointed as GM at the end of last year.

Working hard like this has he ever think about his retirement or his life after retired?
‘I’ve never think about this before’ answers in short GM.

Mr. Christoph Berger, Laguna Beach Resort’s GM

As people in hospitalities industry, with the eyes of people who have seen Phuket for a long time, how’s Phuket?
‘Phuket has been changed a lot since it becomes more popular; especially pollution problem but I see the improvement in people’s life quality, I think people here have higher quality of life.’

‘Phuket is like a hub of this region, from Phuket, you are able to reach anywhere easily likes Hong Kong, Singapore or Japan’

‘But Phuket need the balance of development and environment to be a sustainable destination in this tourism industry

And you’ll see how Laguna Beach Resort under experienced Mr. Christoph’s management is going to maintain or better its reputation of being a luxury family resort as its best.

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