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A brighter future for underprivileged children.

Khun Sue Arnulphy (Present President) and Khun Wipa Tanmanatrakul (Vice President and Treasurer)   Khun Sue Arnulphy
(Present President)
Khun Wipa Tanmanatrakul
(Vice President and Treasurer)

This issue Phuketindex.com grasped an opportunity to meet with somebody from Phuket International Women's Club; Khun Sue Arnulphy (Present President) and Khun Wipa Tanmanatrakul (Vice President and Treasurer) to learn more about their club and also help raise their public awareness.


Phuket International Women's Club is a non-profit organisation which was established in 1989 by a small group of ladies. The club has since provided financial assistance for up to 550 children and is now in its 20th year.

Khun Wipa provides further information about its purposes

“We are a group of international women who get together for friendship and to learn more about Phuket and its culture. We have a wide range of activities and social events for members as well as the charity.”

About the Charity?

“Amongst other activities we have monthly lunch’s to collect money which we then donate to the charity. Help on scholarships for the children then varies from kindergarten to university level. Through the help of local teachers - needy children who study hard and really need help - will be selected and submitted to us. Then our committee will review their suggestions before allocating the money on an annual basis with nothing wanted in return but the child’s school grades.”

From further conversation, we learn that for small children the club concentrates on helping with their ‘lunch’ requirements whilst providing a full scholarship for those who are at higher levels. Due to PIWC’s efforts at fund-raising events and the kindness of donors and sponsors, they have provided many children with better opportunities in education. Allowing many to qualify as pharmacists, dentists, teachers, nurses, doctors or scientists to name just a few.

Khun Wipa informs us quotes she has heard from PIWC members on the matter range from ‘They are all really good students with a good mind and a good thoughts' to ‘Frequently we're in tears when we do the interview – for some of these children are not very bright but they still need education and that’s all we want to do - give them a better education so that they can help themselves and have a better life.'

Apart from the financial support given from PIWC, these children are encouraged to help themselves by working part time. 'That impresses us’ – Khun Wipa tells us for example ‘We have one student in Faculty of Education at Chulalongkorn University, who tutors other students after his class to earn spending money’. ‘Also some students work night shifts, though the pay is low and they have to come back and study in the Morning!’ ‘So when we saw their expertise and knew their efforts to advance their life, we said to ourselves we should help.’

Khun Wipa tell us proudly 'I can say it is not a commercial venture at all!' with Khun Sue adding ‘We want them to come back and serve the community in same manner as we are doing.’

And the fund-raising?

With the political turmoil and the global economic crisis there were obviously worries about the fund-raising. 'I know it's difficult’ Khun Wipa tells us ‘but nothing will stop us trying - though we will likely get less support.' Khun Sue continues;

“We realise it's a difficult time for everybody to cope because of the economic situation. It might resolve itself but these people are students, they have nowhere else to turn so we have to help them,”

Phuketindex.com thanks Khun Sue and Khun Wipa for their valuable time and wishes them all the best in running the club for the sake of the children's future.

Please visit their official website at www.phuketiwc.com. Or general enquiries are welcomed at info@phuketiwc.com. If you wish to contact one of the club's committee members directly their email addresses can be found on the 'Contact Us' page.

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