Wuth Olan-Nukraw: Director of Sales: Big Move Phuket

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Director of Sales: Big Move Phuket

Wuth Olan-Nukraw   Wuth Olan-Nukraw
Director of Sales: Big Move Phuket

A Man to Move You

As we know, Phuket has become more and more popular in the past few years with a steadily growing population and people constantly moving in and out of the island. As a result we see quite a number of removals companies being established, but some regrettably with little or no experience in the field. Phuketindex.com decided to have an interview with Wuth Olan-Nukraw of ‘Big Move Phuket’, to get his views on the industry.

Khun Wuth started in the business by working for a foreign owned freight forwarding company for 5 years but several years ago he decided to set up his own Storage and Removals Company named ‘Andaman Business Express’, He now has the franchise to operate ‘Big Move Phuket’, just one branch of ‘Big Move Thailand’.

Although Andaman Business Express offers a wide range of services, Big Move Phuket focuses more on relocation. As Khun Wuth says: “I think it is better to specialize in one thing instead of trying to do too much as many other companies seem to be trying to do. When it comes to moving specialists, I hope the public will think of us first.”

“To build a good reputation, our company is committed to the same standard of excellence as the other Big Move branches all over Thailand.” Khun Wuth employs a full time team of certified packers based at his office. “We have our own standard operating procedures. Some companies out there choose to outsource low-cost casual labourers but we do not, and for that reason our clients are less at risk with us. If we lose or damage something it is our responsibility and if we fail to accept it, our client will talk and by word of mouth our business will fail.” Moreover, Khun Wuth is urging other companies to accept the same responsibility. “If they want to be successful, they have to invest.”

After seven to eight years in the removals business Khun Wuth has a deep understanding of its complexities and is skeptical of some of his competitors. “We offer a full professional service but our problem is that the public thinks that we will be much more expensive than some other companies. In fact, it works out at about the same, but without the extra hassle of having to do much of the ‘extras’ yourself. It is far better to have a complete professional service and sleep well at night.”

As the interview drew to a close Khun Wuth took the opportunity to give some last minute advice to our readers: “Remember to have an office inspection at least once before you decide upon your mover. Just make sure you pick a reliable and experienced company.”

Phuketindex.com strongly agrees with Khun Wuth and hopes our readers take his advice into consideration. Very many thanks to him for his valuable time with us and we hope he will continue to ‘move’ toward a brighter future for his business and customers.

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