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Wah Estate

Sarawut Kreuawan   Sarawut Kreuawan
Architect, Wah Estate Co.,Ltd.

Wah Estate: New Generation, New Trend would like to introduce ‘Wah Estate’ a company here in Phuket which provides outstanding project development services in the fields of architecture, interior design, construction administration, legal advice and sales and marketing management.

The Companies Beginnings:

Wah Estate was founded almost a year ago. “Everyone in this team has worked together before, on large projects like Royal Phuket Marina, West Sands and Two Villas” one of the team told us whilst another added “This ensures we know each other well, both personally and professionally. We all have experience in different areas i.e. architecture, design, marketing, and law and have also greatly benefitted from working with specialists on the previous projects we mentioned. So we all see opportunities for this business - Wah Estate - to flourish.”

Wah Estate’s Motto:

“Outstanding service within a Wah” is the working principle of the company in order to deliver quick, accurate and value services for customers. With a young energetic team open to the latest trends and developments of business Wah Estate “sees what we need to change in order to make the work process flow smoothly and changes it right away. For example, we know that differing options and flexibility are needed in service delivery and financial management. So we invite our customers to be a part of the process. They can take part in each and every step if they wish, whilst we assist them with our knowledge and experience during that process.”


Area of Specialisation:
“Wah Estate aims to target a certain market – individuals and companies who have an overall picture of what they wish to do but not necessarily the final model. They present us with their initial conception i.e location, project type and budget and what we do is help them develop it further.” Indeed, Wah Estate is now primarily assisting in the design and consultancy of Villa and Condominium projects “We focus on creating individuality; the design makes each project unique and different which is a great advantage for the customers when they come to marketing.”

Wah Estate Co.,Ltd.

And its Customer base?

“We are continually receiving approaches from new projects – almost twenty already. Most of these approaches are the result of recommendations from a previously successful project as ‘word of mouth’ we have found is powerful advertising.”

On problem solving:

“Since Wah Estate is a dynamic company, we can be flexible, for example we don’t have to pre-schedule for an internal meeting a week in advance. Instead of that complicated process, we share, we talk, and we consult each other all the time. In this way we can approach the point correctly and each problem is solved right away.”

Such simple practices together with constructive assistance have strengthened Wah Estate’s team work and help to make each process effective and efficient.

Please define ‘Wah Estate’?

‘Young Professional Team Work’ - that keeps an eye open for any ideas and experiential exchange.

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