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Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) - Phuket Cosmetic Dental Clinic

Dr. Sarawut Tepsuparangsikul   Dr. Sarawut Tepsuparangsikul
Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) - Phuket Cosmetic Dental Clinic

Dr. Sarawut Tepsuparangsikul has been at practice in his private clinic since 1994. For after 8 years of general clinical experience he and his two friends hit upon an idea;

“Why don’t we launch something new? Why don’t we offer patients an enhanced cosmetic dental service? What's more we can do it together – so it will be like back when we were studying!”

This idea led to the fruition of what is now Phuket Cosmetic Dental Clinic.

Dr. Sarawut graduated from Chulalongkorn University Dental School in Bangkok, Thailand. Initially his career started with two years experience as a general practitioner in dentistry at Tappud Government Hospital Phang-Nga Province. Of this time he informs us

“I am one of the 3rd generation that the government sent to the countryside for improving dental innovation in the community. I am proud of what I achieved at that time because it was more than just treating patients: I acted as a PR officer for the hospital and helped inform the local people about the hospital. You must remember at this time rural people believed that it was only possible to ‘pull a tooth’ in the city!”

One of the main reasons Dr. Sarawut is interested in dentistry is because throughout Thai history the profession has been associated with honour and has provided a stable job with good benefits.

Regarding the clinic’s background, Dr. Sarawut tells us

“My friends and I dreamt of making a difference. So Dr. Sriyada Palimapun Shinawatra (DDS), Dr. Jurairat Lorsiripat (DDS) – Orthodontist and I established Phuket Cosmetic Dental Clinic.” continuing

“We want our clinic to be different and diverse. We have set up a dental clinic but not in the traditional sense or style. You will immediately recognise this if you visit from the decoration and location of our clinic. It does not look like a dental clinic, or a place where you would be afraid of dental care.”

After advising us of this fact Dr. Sarawut invites us to have a look round and we impressed with how calming and relaxing the surgery feels.

With the advent of the modern age and the importance people place on looking good ‘Dental Beauty’ has become an industry in itself. Indeed Dr. Sarawut states “It is great people are taking time to look good – not only for their dental beauty but also for their health. The new generation are aesthetically aware – it’s different from their parents’ era as they are not afraid to come to a dental clinic when they have toothache and often say ‘just pull it out’. But they all want to look good after!”

The launch of Dr. Sarawut's company however was not without its trials and tribulations. Indeed, Dr. Sarawut was forced to create brand awareness and reputation largely by himself for he tells us.

“We, dentists, aren’t allowed to push marketing strategies due to the law. Accordingly, we have to build our reputations from what we offer. We benefit from feedback and most of that comes from word of mouth referrals”.

Dr. Sarawut and his team have employed a tactic of using ‘Clear Information & Explanations’ in order to build up a reliable reputation.

“We inform our patients about any problems, we notify our patients clearly about the cost of treatment and also we have a ‘no pressure’ policy regarding whether the patient seeks treatment with us. We give them time to make up their minds. We are just happy to be one of their options. This is better than not being an option at all.”

Dr. Sarawut Tepsuparangsikul

Furthermore, Dr. Sarawut advises that there are three factors which patients remember his
clinic for: ‘Location, Quality and Service’ explaining further;

“We use high quality dental equipments – the latest in modern technology. Our service has the same standard as any ‘high class’ hospital and we even have round trip transfers for our clients. Regarding the location, we choose this spot intentionally because it’s not located on the main street. For we do not want our clients disturbed by noise and prefer that they feel good and relax”

On a personal level Dr. Sarawut is interested in the ‘Arts’ and has actually applied some of this to his dental treatments. ‘It’s like an artist creating works on a canvas. I just create ‘art’ in a patients’ mouth!’ It is not surprising therefore that we learn if Dr. Sarawut had not been a dentist he would have been an Architect. Indeed during his study period, he sometimes wished he had more time to learn about architecture but there was no time during his 6 year dentistry course. Nevertheless he informs us ‘I still hope, (if I have time one day) that I may have the chance to open my own design studio.”

“Since Wah Estate is a dynamic company, we can be flexible, for example we don’t have to pre-schedule for an internal meeting a week in advance. Instead of that complicated process, we share, we talk, and we consult each other all the time. In this way we can approach the point correctly and each problem is solved right away.”

Finally Dr. Sarawut tells us
“I just hope that people will take a look at themselves – and not just regarding dental care. One tip is; if you only spend 30 seconds brushing your tooth, try and spend another 30 seconds. Also if you never work out - try it. You will quickly find yourself feeling much healthier.”

Phuketindex.com thanks Dr. Sarawut for his time and wishes him and his partners all the best with their new cosmetic dental surgery. Got a problem? Give them a try!

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