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Patrick Catellani; Kata Ocean View Condominiums Phases 1 and 2 and now 3!

Patrick Catellani; Kata Ocean View Condominiums   Patrick Catellani
Kata Ocean View Condominiums

Oceanic Global Estate Co, Ltd. has recently launched a new project after the major success of its first two projects: Kata Ocean View Condominiums Phases 1 and 2. was therefore honoured to talk with Khun Patrick Catellini who is the developer behind the upcoming project; Kata Ocean View Phase 3.

Born in Italy Patrick Catellani provokes a surprise by informing us he holds a degree in chemistry. Hardly the standard resume for becoming a successful developer! Patrick continues ‘My background is actually in boats, not houses. It’s the reason why I visited Thailand’

On first visiting Thailand Khun Patrick tells us he felt very privileged as he met some nice people who offered him a business opportunity and also to invest in it with him. ‘I ran a boat building company for a while before moving into the construction field’ Khun Patrick tells us before continuing;

“It’s my passion and it is in my blood as my father has been in this business many years. However, after the Tsunami hit the Andaman Coast, the boat business declined, so we were forced to look for a more secure investment. The property business is not 100% stable but I like it nevertheless.”

On asking about Kata Ocean View Condominium, Khun Patrick tells us ‘We are now working on Kata Ocean View Condominium Phase 3 which has been underway two months. It will be completed by February 2010’

On completion the project will comprises 21 units of 1 or 2 bedroom condominiums with lounges, western standard kitchens and a private pool. The concept of the project is stylish and simply elegant: Designed, with clear lines, white colours and an abundance of glass, Khun Patrick states ‘It’s our idea to create something which is well integrated with the environment and complements the natural aspect of our location in Kata hills”.

When we ask why Khun Patrick chose Kata for his project location, he advises;

“I like Kata, it is very convenient, and you have everything here; a beach, food, shops and many other facilities. Kata is a place for families with kids, or for young IT orientated people.”

Adding that his project is designed ‘for those who would like to spend maybe one or two months of every year in Thailand’ Indeed, he continues ‘We offer rental programs for owners so in the months of the year when they are not here they can still earn from their investment.’

 Kata Ocean View Condominiums

As this interview goes to press economies around the world are facing economic crisis on an unprecedented scale.
Thailand faced a similar situation eleven years ago, when regardless of the quality of a project many developers went bust. With this in mind we asked Khun Patrick what he thought of the situation. He tells us ‘We are still confident in Thailand, because Thailand has experienced this kind of situation before so I believe it can cope’. Before adding;

“In my experience, if there is something wrong with the overseas market, people normally withdraw their money from the stock market and look for another place to invest it. In such a time of upheaval the property market in Thailand represents a very good opportunity to invest money, as it is still relatively undervalued, regionally. So I am still confident in the Phuket property market.”

 Kata Ocean View Condominiums hopes that Khun Patrick’s thoughts will prove correct and Phuket and its residents will come through the situation unscathed.

“….In such a time of upheaval the property market in Thailand represents a very good opportunity to invest money….”

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