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Splash trends with Hansgrohe - Julian Henco

Julian Henco  

Julian Henco
Sales Director Emerging Markets of Hansgrohe Group

Most people ignore the bathroom, because it is a functional room tucked away in the corner of most homes. Some however see it as their first priority. They value it because it is where they start their day and where they also spend a lot of time cleansing their bodies and relaxing.

To keep up with the increasing importance of the bathroom the sanitary ware industry has been steadily growing year after year especially in areas where the property market has boomed.

Hansgrohe is one company which specializes in catering to the high-end property and resort market and Phuketindex.com was given the opportunity to talk with Khun Julian Henco, Sales Director Emerging Markets of Hansgrohe Group, Middle East, Asia, Africa.

Handgrohe’s: Inspiration

Julian thinks that recent innovations and creativity in sanitary ware products will have a significant effect upon everyone’s life. He believes, for example, that taking a bath or having a shower using high quality and well designed sanitary products is a excellent way of releasing tension before a stressful day or after a busy and hectic one.

Hansgrohe provides showers to soothe the senses through a combination of perfect design and technology.

Songkran Issara

Hansgrohe’s: Concept and Design

Hansgrohe luxury sanitary products have four brands including Hansgrohe, Axor, Pharo and Pontos. Many of which are the creations of the well-known designers Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio Jean-Marie Massaud and Phoenix Design. Hansgrohe products use environmentally compatible materials which conserve resources and facilitate disposal. Though functional and aesthetically pleasing, the products are nevertheless designed to last a life time and delight users. Elegance and Style, to meet user individual needs and preferences are the keystones of Hansgrohe designs.

Hansgrohe: Green

Hansgrohe focused on environmental issues long before “Green” became fashionable. Indeed in 1989 it appointed an Environmental Officer and started implementing environmentally friendly concepts in manufacturing practices and products. It even has its own ‘ green’ product line 'EcoRight' and continues to develop products that offer exceptional performance whilst reducing their impact on the environment.

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