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Graham Bibby and His Path

  Graham Bibby
CEO of the Richmond Group
CEO of Richmond Asset Management Ltd

Graham Bibby is a UK born financial advisor who has become well known throughout Asia, and even the world, for his appearances on television programmes during the present economic crisis. As head of the Richmond Group he has had considerable success in Phuket and today we will delve into his past to try to analyze why.

From a very young age Graham was different from other children in that he was more interested in money whilst his contemporaries played more traditional children’s games. In his twenties his interest in the subject was unabated and he joined one of the world’s largest insurance companies based in the UK providing financial planning advice, and he was a founding member of the UK Financial Planning Association. Thus began his financial and investment career.

When, during the early 70’s, the UK faced one of its most severe economic crises, Graham spent a lot of time and effort trying to figure out why, and how to turn disaster into profit. His studies provided a sound basis for investment, even in these dark days. During the 80’s the UK property market boomed and Graham was astute enough to forecast a crash at the end of the decade, together with an end to the concurrent Japanese economic miracle. Such foresight put him in the world’s spotlight.

There comes a turning pointing point in every mans life and Graham Bibby was no exception. The aftermath of his foresight was the development of a strong financial model giving good returns based on sound analysis and investor psychology. He decided to move to Hong Kong in 1991 and started Richmond Asset Management; a Hong Kong registered investment advisory company.

His established track record as the possessor of dependable foresight and his accumulated experience soon earned him a strong reputation in the old British colony, and as a consequence he was elevated to Chairman of the Technical Analysts Society of Hong Kong from 1996 to 1998. He was also authorized by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission as an Asset Manager and Advisor.

Graham first visited Phuket in 1992 and became a regular visitor thereafter. He noted that Phuket was growing steadily year upon year but still lacked a basic infrastructure to provide proper facilities and ease of transportation.

Nevertheless he judged the island to have enormous potential to grow into the holiday destination it is today, and to be a sought after destination for expatriates, retirees and investors. Accordingly he selected Phuket as a high priority to expand his portfolio.

Originally he bought one rai of land at Bang Tao upon which he built his first exclusive residential project “The Himmaphan” Gradually he increased his land holdings around the Laguna area, which is known today as an area of high-end development, to very large amounts. The Richmond Group became established as a developer of niche properties focusing on creating quality homes catering to exclusive markets and the international investor community.

Initially Graham encountered many problems as a result of relying upon an outsourced contractor. This situation made him think of doing the whole process himself and as a result he amassed some of the best architects, designers, and project managers from around the world to form his own team. In so doing the Richmond construction department was established providing all aspects of development including documentation, design, construction and management.

Since its inception in 1993 the Richmond Group has grown to the point where it is at the forefront of development in Phuket. After The Himmaphan came 7 other developments: The Residence at Bang Tao, The Park in Layan, The Pier at Chalong, The Place in Kamala, The Loch Palm (overlooking the golf course) in Kathu, The Beach Club at Bang Tao, and finally the Richmond Country Club.

Graham Bibby has a strong optimism as regards Phuket prosperity and is always prepared to take risks with a highly positive attitude. He is a strong believer in the Phuket property market and is willing to invest heavily into it. “Despite tsunamis, coups and riots, confidence has always been quickly restored and prices are still steadily rising” he stated at a seminar. Maybe he is correct, since the prices at The Residence have risen at 15 – 20 percent per annum in past years. We’ll see how they weather the present storm.

Graham Bibby is an Asset Manager and experienced public speaker, appearing regularly on CNBC, CNN, BBC, Bloomberg and NDTV.

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