Khun Manus Nararatwanchai Project Director at the Phuket Plus Co.,LTD,

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Manus Nararatwanchai, the Owner and Project Director at the Phuket Plus Co.,LTD,

Khun Manus   Khun Manus Nararatwanchai

“Manus Nararatwanchai, the Owner and Project Director at the Phuket Plus Co.,LTD, has been responsible for property development in ‘The Trees Residences’ project. Early in the year 2008, Manus also launched one challenge project which sold recently almost 90% within 6 months, Zen Space, is what we will talk about.”

Manus graduated from Assumption University of Thailand. He has been working in property field of career since last 10 years. He began his work with one Japanese property company. His primary launched project in Sriracha was to construct hotels, golf courses, and condominiums. Then he started on the next following 3-4 projects for the reason that he got great responses. Five years before coming to Phuket, he as well, worked with another Japanese property developer. He did his project in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Before coming Zen Space, a major reason that attributes his success to this condominium project is because of target markets in Phuket. He generally expertise in foreign customers, as his experiences, he always serve them with great services. “Normally the foreigners prefer world class standard property with a reasonable price, the same as we always do. And we are not the one who pushes for selling, besides that, we rather push for what our clients should get and what they are worth for their investments” he said.

Khun Manus


One of the most important reasons for Zen Space is landscape; Kamala. Good use would need to be made of it, with a combination of modern and Zen living style, so that the lives of residences could be consistent with the project slogan; The Art of Living.

“Inevitably the strong point of us is the unique design which made it to be different from the others.” Because of Manus, previously, was a designer. He recognizes how to improve and develop landscape in the most effected his inspiration; Zen design. “Zen style in interior decorating, in my point of view, is the art of calm and quiet environment which can provide just the sort of atmosphere one needs at the end of a busy day.” said him.

He absorbs many influences from Zen style, therefore he can represent all the concepts which can serve customers need. He told us more than 80% of his clients are from European countries, the same amount as another property developers can achieve. On the other hand he knows how to handle and expand his new market line; Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Ideas were gathered from the Zen style, his team, and also from his interested.


Zen Space It seems like every step he takes is like a piece of cake. In contrast, he has obstacles either; production costs and sky rocketing price of oil. Because of Phuket has a thousand of property developers. Obviously it increases high demand and supply then follow by construction costs. Oil price changes day by day; higher and higher. However, Manus and his team, found the best way to solve these kinds of problems. “I assume from the last few years and I found that construction costs might change. Then we do it earlier, bought all the equipments such as steel rods for the whole project. We bought directly from our suppliers. That’s why we can still control the costs.” he said.

He also told us about the main idea of after sale service. He said, “The progress of constructions, selling, and even transfer the ownership are just only our first 50%. Another 50% is all about after sale services.”

“We divide our team into 2 groups; one for production team, and another one for service department. For the first team, we gain experiences from many projects we’ve done before. Our service department team also specializes in customer service. As everyone known, Phuket is one of the best hospitality cities, and then we realize that we must apply this strange point to our project; good after sale service.”

Manus also ask for customers’ feedback, the more information he got the better knowledge he received. Then he can provide what exactly customers need. “We don’t want to abandon the tastes of our customers because we made it for them so we must listen to them simultaneously.” said he.

Manus’s career so far does not only include The Trees Residences and Zen Space. He has also extended his reach to 2 following new projects nearby the same area he launched his first 2 projects, which at this time, is pushing progress in land development through numerous high-rise developments and resort projects.

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