Nongtanan Tephabutra, Exclusive Director of Sukko Spa, People Focus

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Nongtanan Tephabutra, Exclusive Director of Sukko Spa, People Focus

Khun Nongtanan Tephabutra   Khun Nongtanan Tephabutra

“Its methodology is in taking care of a person’s health by prevention not cure. If we fully understand the Spa process there is no reason to use products with pollutants when attempting to detoxify the poisons in our body.”

Please tell us briefly about your background?

I was born in Nakornratchasrima but grew up in Bangkok. I studied dentistry at Mahidol University and when I graduated, I came to work in Phang Nga Hospital. After a year of work I was offered a chance to work in Phuket at Vachira Phuket Hospital.

The pattern of my life was pretty similar to that of an ordinary person: After graduation, I started work, married, and had a baby. But with the arrival of my baby, life changed : I found that after giving birth I wanted to look after my child myself rather than work and have someone else look after her. So I quit my job as a dentist and started becoming a full time mum.

Why are you interested in therapy?
I think I have always been interested in issues to do with health care but my passion for the therapeutic side really took off whilst I was at University because I had more time to study it. The more I read the more interested I became and the more I wanted to read and learn about all aspects of it. In fact, I found that what I thought I knew was actually not a lot in the grand scheme of things and this triggered my natural curiosity to want to learn more. I wanted to explore new areas I had not discovered and broaden my knowledge so I could use it to benefit people. Another important factor for me was my child. I knew I needed to be a healthy person so I could best raise and nurture her. By quitting my job to pursue this it would also ensure I would be able to spend the maximum amount of time taking care of her.

Why has your major focus now become the Sukko Spa?

As I mentioned before the two main reasons are because of my interest in ‘Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine’ and due to my love for my child as I know the benefits it has to offer her. Indeed, because of this I have begun seriously studying ‘Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine’ and in particular the area of ‘unhealthy prevention’. For as the proverb states ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. Thus has become my motto.

Khun Nongtanan Tephabutra

Tell us about your conception of Sukko Spa?
Actually Sukko Spa’s conception came out of the fact that myself and my family all tried to use natural harmless products in every aspect of our lives. When I began to learn and gain more knowledge regarding this I thought I would like to share my ideas or even what I knew about bio-organic consumptions with other people. Thus, because I personally enjoyed practicing Sukko Spa even though I knew it was not well known in Phuket I decided I would like to awaken others to its potential and benefits. As a result myself and my friend Khun Piyawan Kingkaew set up the Sukko Spa Academy to educate professional therapists.

And after the Spa Academy?
We have started our small Spa in the Srisuchart area and with our on going experience we believe we can expand and spread our ideas further. Ultimately it is our aim to tell the world about the pride we have in Thailand and the pride of our Thai Spa. Importantly we have learned that a ‘wellness retreat’ mirrors the Thai life style.

With this in mind we moved to our current place and developed Sukko Spa to become the Thai Cultural Spa as it is known today.

Sukko Spa Please define the Spa in your opinion

Spa is the art of detoxifying and activating the lymphatic system. Its methodology is in taking care of a person’s health by prevention not cure. If we fully understand the Spa process there is no reason to use products with pollutants when attempting to detoxify the poisons in our body. We use harmless products which do not incorporate sodium sulfate. The ingredients for our products are of the same standard of those used in pharmaceutical medicines.

What is the next project for Sukko Spa?

We are always looking to enlarge and expand Sukko Spa. We have launched or are launching activities such as; Muay Thai Chaiya, Yoga, and even Spa cuisine with anti-oxidant herbs and spices. Afterwards we will open our resort in August. We consider that the majority of tourists visiting Phuket are here for relaxation and leisure and this gave us the idea of incorporating their desires into the Thai way of life.

Nowadays it seems like everyone is concerned about the issue of global warming. How can Sukko Spa help?
In this respect we are not doing anything new because we have been adhering to a philosophy of “Go Green” since we first opened. Our Thai ancestors always told us about the importance of preserving nature. So we apply this point by protecting 3 things; the trees, the soil, and the water. We make our own plants and use them in the spa. We turn garbage into biological fertilizer so as to not destroy the soil, and we do not use sodium sulfate in our products so as to protect the water.

How do you manage to make time for your family?
I try to make work a part of family life and vice versa without impinging on either. I never think about office hours at all and I maximise my time through efficiency and effectiveness to get the best from both . This is the perfect match if you can do it.

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