Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness Resort

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Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness Resort

“A perfect place to relax and experience the essence of Thai culture.’

Thailand has undeniably become a foremost destination for spa tourism. Hundreds of spas have sprung up over the past few years and the trend is increasing year by year. A predominant reason is because Thailand throughout the centuries has accumulated spa experience and has passed it on from generation to generation. Such knowledge brings together a range of indigenous resources, folk wisdom and the traditions of valuable “ancient wisdom” that Thailand is proud of.

Few however, among the many spas that have sprung up allow you to undergo a wholly Thai experience. today recommends a newborn boutique spa resort in Phuket where you can truly experience Thai culture in every aspect of your stay.

Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness, one of the most popular day spas in Phuket, has expanded to become Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness Resort. Now more than just a day spa, accommodation is provided at Jantra Spa Villas with Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness Resort presenting: ‘the culture of ultimate happiness, wellness and the exquisiteness of Thai living.’

Sri panwa

Located in the centre of Phuket Island and spread over 20 acres of verdant greenery, Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness Resort plants their own - fruits, flowers, and indigenous herbal plants. Guests can thus eat, view or smell natural products ‘all day long’ as such products are also used in traditional Thai decoration throughout the villas.

The villas themselves are well designed to exude the elegance of Thai interiors; Thai style gates, Thai floral decoration and the appointment of rooms is similar to those of Thai traditional villas. Moreover, each villa boasts well appointed bedrooms, private spa rooms with Jacuzzis, herbal steam rooms, sundecks, outdoor rain showers and wooden verandas.

In the bedrooms Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness
Resort has opted for traditional Thai beds made from teak as well as traditional netting drapes that give off a feeling of Thai authenticity. Adornments of Thai handicrafts, such as “Pla Ta Pien” [silver barb fish] which is believed by ancients to bring prosperity, good health and happiness - hang from the nets and complement the atmosphere

Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellnes

A teak daybed furnished with mosquito nets is set on each villa’s wooden veranda allowing guests the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings whilst lying down in relaxation after spa treatments or outdoor cultural activities. You can rest peacefully, or enjoy a romantic dinner whilst appreciating the charms of the starry night with your beloved.

Whilst staying at Jantra Spa Villas, an authentic variety of treatments is on offer and is provided by a team of Sukko therapists. Selected organic products according to the standards and ethics of traditional Thai practitioners complement Sukko Cultural spa's concept and suit individual needs and preferences.

Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellnes

As well as the spa treatments offered, many cultural activity programs are also available at Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness Resort. Choose to learn Thai massage; join a traditional Thai cooking class; or practice Rue Sri Dat Ton (the hermit self stretching), Ashtanga Yoga, Muay Thai Chaiya (Chaiya Thai boxing), aqua exercise, or take part in photo opportunities in Thai costume – the choice is yours.

At Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness Resort, every menu is also individually and therapeutically prepared to suit each person's elements and blood type. Traditional Thai Practitioners advise on modifications to diet before recommending more powerful herbal medicines.

For honeymoon couples, wedding ceremonies or group parties, Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness Resort has a variety of different packages on offer: Staff will help you arrange every aspect of your big day ensuring you have an unforgettable experience.

Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness Resort

5/10 Moo 3, Chaofa Rd., Muang, Phuket 83000 Thailand
Tel +66 7626 3222 Fax +66 7626 4533

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