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Meals by Wheels Contact information Meals by Wheels
Address : 37/11 Moo 10 Chaofa-West Road,
Tambol Chalong, Amphur Muang,
Phuket 83100 Thailand
Contact person : Khun Chaluth
Telephone : +66 (0) 89 875 5789 (Thai and English)
Facsimile : +66 (0) 76 383 164
Email :
Website :
Meals by Wheels overview of Meals by Wheels Meals by Wheels

Meals by Wheels is an event catering company to assist you and make everything easy for you. We cater weddings, house warmings, large or small parties, boardroom luncheons, corporate events, gallery events, press conferences, seminars, private dinners, product launches, school & home events, etc.

Chaluth’s kitchen creates every dish by our Royal Palace cuisine skill chef with 4 years guaranteed “Best Restaurant Guide” from Singapore. Furthermore, Meals by Wheels also provides flower arrangements to suit the event at the reasonable price.

Petai Seed Restaurant… lucky Chalong residents now have some of the best food available in Phuket right on their doorstep.

Royal Thai cuisine, often promised, rarely delivered in our local restaurants, is now available from the authentic hands of Chef Chaluth Cheepsatayakorn.

The restaurant is a simple, rustic roadside building with indoor and outdoor dining. In the morning his cooks produce breakfast and lunch of basic dishes, well cooked and at low price. In the evening the Royal Thai cuisine appears, still at sensible prices.

The capacity is limited, so try to book ahead to reserve a table, and let Chaluth recommend dishes to produce a balanced feast of flavours and sights.

Petai Seed Restaurant, (Sator Rawthur) is at 29 Chao Fa East, Chalong, very near the wine Connection, but diagonally across the road.

Chef Chaluth Cheepsatayakorn
His mother was trained in the Royal Palace, Bangkok, and cooked for the King for 17 years, until she left to get married. She began teaching Chaluth when he was 6, and in the last three decades he has perfected the skills she taught him. You will find items on his menu which are rarely seen outside the Palace. The care in selecting ingredients, preparation and cooking is immediately obvious.

Our services

  • Event catering
  • Royal Thai food & Desserts/Coffee Break Deliverly
  • Flower arrangements for events
  • Petai Seed Restaurant


1. Meing Kham (Thai tastes in a heart shaped leaf)
2. Meing Pla Tu Tod (Fried Thai Tuna wrapped in tropical lettuce leaves)
3. Por Piep Savoy (Royal Palace spring rolls)
4. Nua Sa Doong (Seared beef in cucumber wrap)
5. Khao Tang Na Tang (Rice crackers topped with a savoury coconut dip)
6. Tod Mun Pla (Fried fish-cakes)
7. Mhee Krob (Farmer’s noodles)
8. Lhom Nha Sarn (Royal Palace Net Egg)
9. Goong Hom Pha (Prawn spring rolls)
10. Kra Thong Thong (Crispy Cups)
11. Thai Thai (Cucumber Cups)

12. Kaeng Som (Hot & Sour curry with Fish or Seafood)
13. Kaeng Kua Sapparos (Royal Palace pineapple curry)
14. Kaeng Tae Pho (Tae Pho curry)
15. Chu Chi (Dry red curry with Fish or Prawn)
16. Kaeng Karee (Old fashioned Thai yellow curry with Chicken or Prawn)
17. Kaeng Ped Prick Khi Nu (Red chili curry with Chicken/ Pork / Beef / Seafood)
18. Kaeng Kheiw Wan (Sweet green curry with Chicken/ Pork/ Beef/ Seafood)
19. Kaeng Musaman (Musaman curry)
20. Pa Naeng (Aromatic Chicken or Pork or Beef curry with peanuts)
21. Kaeng Fuk Kab Kai (Chicken curry with wintermelon)
22. Kaeng Sai Bua (Royal Palace water lily curry with mackerel)

23. Yum Hua Plee (Banana flower salad)
24. Pomelo salad  
25. Yum Pla Krob (Crispy Fish salad)
26. Sang Wa Pla Muek (Ginger squid salad)
27. Yum Ruam Mit Talay (Spicy mixed Seafood salad)
28. Yum Nua (Beef salad)
29. Yum Woon Sen (Vermicelli salad)
30. Yum Ma Muang (Mango salad)
31. Som Tum (Pounded green papaya salad)
32. Yum Tua Phu (Winged bean salad)
33. Pha Pla Muek (Tamarind Prawn or Squid salad)
34. Larp Kai/ Mu/ Nua/ Ped (Warm salad with Chicken or Pork or Beef or Duck)
35. Larp Pla Too (Warm salad with Tuna)
36. Goong Chae Nam Pla (Raw Prawn salad)

Wok fried
37. Phad Prew Wan Baan Na (Country style sweet and sour Chicken or Pork or Prawn)
38. Nua Phad Prik Thai Dam (Black pepper Beef)
39. Phad Prik (Fish or Meat with chili)
40. Phad Kra Prao (Fish or Meat with chili and spicy basil)
41. Phad Sator (Pai Tai)
42. Pla Phad Khuen Chai (Seabass with celery)
43. Pla Kra Pong Phad Ton Kra Tiem (Seabass with leeks)
44. Kai Phad Med Ma Muang (Tamarind fried chicken with cashew nuts)
45. Phad Kao Pod Oon Kab Goong (Stir-fried prawns)
46. Sua Rong Hai/ Crying Tiger (Stir-fried Finely chopped chicken and liver)
47. Nua Phad Phong Karee (Stir-fried beef or chicken in a dry yellow curry)

48. Phad Fak or Fak-thong Sai Khai (Royal Palace vegetable dish, choice of wintermelon /pumpkin)
49. Phad Prik Khing Khai Kem (Green beans with egg, yolk)
50. Phad Tau Lan Tao (Snow-peas with mushrooms)
51. Phad Pak Boong Fai Daeng (Kang Kong with black bean)
52. Pak Tod (Vegettable fritters)
53. Phad Sai Bua (Stir-fried water lily with pork or chicken)

54. Kaeng Reing (Hot & Spicy Vegetable Soup)
55. Kaeng Jued Fak (Wintermelon Soup)
56. Kaeng Jued Tang Sod Sai (Stuffed Cucumber Soup)
57. Kaeng Jued Woon Sen (Vermicelli Soup)
58. Tom Yum (Hot, sour & Spicy soup without coconut milk)
59. Tom Kha (Hot & Sour soup with coconut milk)

Whole Fish
60. Pla Nueng Manao (Steamed Seabass with tangy lime)
61. Pla Rad Prik (Fried Seabass with chili sauce)
62. Pla Tod Pae Sa (Fried fish with a tangy lime and chili sauce)
63. Pla Tom Khing (Deep fried Tilapia with ginger sauce)
64. Pla Tod Kha Min (Lightly battered Seabass)
65. Kai Tod (Chicken drumsticks)
66. Peek Kai Tod (Deep fried chicken’s wing)
67. Kai Sen Prung Ros (Deep fried chicken breast)

Fried Rice
68. Khao Klook Ka Pi (Royal field of rice)
69. Khao Phad Nham (Fried rice with Thai sausage)
70. Khao Phad Prik Kaeng (Red curry fried rice)
71. Khao Phad (Classic fried rice)

72. Kuay Tiew Phad Thai (Fried noodles with Prawns)

Side Dish & Chili Paste
73. Nam Prik Rachakarn Thi Ha (King Rama the 5th’s sauce)
74. Nam Prik Ong (Spicy tomato sauce)
75. Mu Whan (Sweet Pork)
76. Nua Foi (Shredded dried Beef)
77. Khai Kem (Salted Egg)

78. Kluay Buad Chee (Bananas in coconut milk)
79. Sang Kha Ya Fak Thong (Pumpkin custard)
80. Man Sam Pa Lang Cheum (Tapioca in coconut milk)
81. Kao Niew Ma Muang (Mango with sticky rice)
82. Tap Tim Krob (Mock pomegranate)
83. Khanom Ruam (A Thai dessert selection)
84. Pholamai Ruam (Seasonal fruit platter)

For more information please call 08 9875 5789

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